Millerton Advice Letter Mailing List

This advice letter mailing list is for the Millerton District.

This list is made available per Section III (G) of General Order No. 96-A

Interested Parties

Chowchilla Utilities Department
City of Chowchilla

Jason Rogers, Director of Public Works
City of Chowchilla

Dan Foss, Operations Director of Public Works
City of Madera

John Gies, General manager
Madera Water District Groundwater Supply Agency

Gregory Rodgers, General Manager
Madera Valley Water Company

Chris Hickernell, General Superintendent
Friant Water Authority

Jim Tsuruoka, General Manager
Pinedale public utility district

George Stanley, Manager
Easton Estates Water co.

Luke Serpa, City Manager
City of Clovis

Scott Redelfs, Public Utilities Director
City of Clovis

Pinedale County Water District

Michael Carbajal, Director of Public Utilities
City of Fresno — Water System Department

Thomas W. Birmingham, General Manager
Westlands Water District

Richard Tim Bakman, President
Bakman Water Company

Richard Shaymus Bakman, President
Bakman Water Company

Rodney Attkisson, Director
Belmont Water Corporation

Only for Service Area Maps

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