City, Community, and Water System List

You can find out what Cal Water district you are in by locating the name of your city, community, or water system in the list below. If you prefer—or if your area is not listed—you can find your district using your address. Note that Cal Water only serves portions of some of the areas on this list.

City/Community/Water System District
Antelope Valley Antelope Valley
Arden Kern River Valley
Armstrong Valley Redwood Valley
Atherton Bear Gulch
Bakersfield Bakersfield
Bayshore Bayshore
Bear Gulch Bear Gulch
Bell East Los Angeles
Bodfish Kern River Valley
Bolsa Knolls Salinas
Broadmoor Bayshore
Buena Vista Salinas
Camp Erwin Owens Kern River Valley
Carson Rancho Dominguez
Chico Chico
Coast Springs Redwood Valley
Colma Bayshore
Commerce East Los Angeles
Compton Rancho Dominguez
Country Meadows Salinas
Countrywood Kern River Valley
Cupertino Los Altos
Daly City Bayshore
Dillon Beach Redwood Valley
Dixon Dixon
Dominguez Rancho Dominguez
Duncans Mills Redwood Valley
East Los Angeles East Los Angeles
Fairway Visalia
Foothill Estates Salinas
Fremont Valley Antelope Valley
Goshen Visalia
Grand Oaks Antelope Valley
Guerneville Redwood Valley
Hamilton City Chico
Harbor City Rancho Dominguez
Hawkins Redwood Valley
Hawthorne Rancho Dominguez
Hermosa Beach Rancho Dominguez
Indian Springs Salinas
Kern River Valley Kern River Valley
Kernville Kern River Valley
King City King City
Kings Mountain Bear Gulch
Lake Hughes Antelope Valley
Lake Isabella Kern River Valley
Lakeland Kern River Valley
Lancaster Antelope Valley
Las Lomas Salinas
Las Palmas Salinas
Leona Valley Antelope Valley
Livermore Livermore
Lomita Rancho Dominguez
Los Altos Los Altos
Los Altos Hills Los Altos
Los Angeles East Los Angeles
Los Trancos Bear Gulch
Lucerne Redwood Valley
Marysville Marysville
Menlo Park Bear Gulch
Mid-Peninsula Bayshore
Montebello East Los Angeles
Monterey Park East Los Angeles
Mountain Shadows Kern River Valley
Mountain View Los Altos
Mullen Visalia
Noel Heights Redwood Valley
North Garden Bakersfield
Oak Hills Salinas
Oak Ranch Visalia
Onyx Kern River Valley
Oroville Oroville
Palomar Park Bayshore
Palos Verdes Peninsula Rancho Dominguez
Ponderosa Pine Kern River Valley
Porterville Visalia
Portola Valley Bear Gulch
Rancho del Paradiso Redwood Valley
Rancho Dominguez Rancho Dominguez
Redondo Beach Rancho Dominguez
Redwood City Bear Gulch
Redwood Valley Redwood Valley
Riverkern Kern River Valley
Rolling Hills Rancho Dominguez
Salinas Salinas
Salinas Hills Salinas
San Carlos Bayshore
San Mateo Bayshore
Santa Rosa Redwood Valley
Selma Selma
Sierra Trailer Lodge Kern River Valley
Skyline Bear Gulch
South Lake Kern River Valley
South San Francisco Bayshore
Split Mountain Kern River Valley
Squirrel Mountain Kern River Valley
Stockton Stockton
Sunnyvale Los Altos
Thousand Oaks Westlake
Toro Park Salinas
Torrance Rancho Dominguez
Travis Air Force Base Travis
Tulare Visalia
Tulco Visalia
Vernon East Los Angeles
Visalia Visalia
Watsonville Salinas
West Basin Rancho Dominguez
Westlake Village Westlake
Willows Willows
Wofford Heights Kern River Valley
Woodside Bear Gulch