Infrastructure Updates


Central Bakersfield infrastructure project

Our Bakersfield District will start an infrastructure improvement project to strengthen water system reliability and fire protection in central Bakersfield on September 5. Our crews will replace nearly a mile of water pipes, nine hydrants, and 75 customer service connections. The original water main was installed in the 1940s and is becoming unreliable. Installation will…

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Tank Coating Project to Start in Redondo Beach

Our Rancho Dominguez District will start a water infrastructure improvement project in Redondo Beach on Monday, which will improve water supply reliability. The work includes tank improvements to enhance employee safety, followed by an interior and exterior coating project, on the 1-million-gallon water storage tank at our station located at Pearl Street and South Lucia…

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Cal Water starts infrastructure upgrade in Carson

Yesterday, our Rancho Dominguez District started an infrastructure upgrade to improve water supply reliability and fire protection in north Carson. Crews will install 1,900 feet of new 8-inch and 6-inch water main to replace smaller, aging pipes. Work will take place Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. along the: 21300 to 21400…

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$4 Million in Funding for ELA PFOS, PFOA Removal

Grant Reduces Costs of Treatment for Customers Cal Water has secured a $4.23 million grant from the Water Replenishment District (WRD) to fund expenditures for treatment equipment that removes perfluoroctanesulfonic acid (PFOS) and perfluoroctanoic acid (PFOA) from groundwater in Cal Water’s East Los Angeles District. The treatment plant went online in January 2022 and enabled…

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clear water bubbles

Water for Cal Water customers is safe

With the State Auditor’s report about drinking water safety in failing water systems, some Cal Water customers may be confused about the safety of our water. Please be assured that the water Cal Water customers receive is safe and clean to use and drink. We have a rigorous water treatment, testing, and monitoring program to…

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Delivery truck in Kernville

Protecting the Kernville Water Supply

In order to protect the quality of the water supply in Kernville, Cal Water recently finished replacing its granular-activated carbon media as part of its treatment plant maintenance program. The treatment plant removes naturally occurring total organic carbon from surface water obtained from the Kern River. This important infrastructure improvement project will help ensure that…

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Baksersfield infrastructure upgrade

On Monday, June 27, our Bakersfield District will start a water infrastructure upgrade that will improve water supply reliability and fire protection in the northeast part of town. Crews will install 1,970 feet of new 8-inch PVC water pipelines, install one new hydrant, and replace 31 customer service connections on College Avenue, from Robles Drive…

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Water tank in Chico

Cal Water to Decommission Empty Tank in Chico

Cal Water will begin removing the old 300,000-gallon elevated water storage tank on Cherry Avenue in Chico tomorrow. The tank, which was constructed in 1959 but has not been used since 2015, was deemed by a third-party surveyor as a structural risk should significant seismic activity occur. This tank is not one of the two…

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Essential Water Infrastructure Upgrade in Menlo Park

As part of the utility’s commitment to ensuring critical infrastructure remains safe and reliable, Cal Water started a large-scale water main replacement project in Menlo Park today. The upgrade will ensure that customers and firefighters continue to have the water they need for their everyday and emergency needs, both now and in the future. Cal…

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Construction in Hamilton City

Main Replacement to Strengthen Hamilton City System

Cal Water started a water infrastructure upgrade on Monday, June 6, 2022, in Hamilton City as part of the utility’s commitment to ensuring critical infrastructure remains safe and reliable. The project, which comes on the heels of completing another local water system upgrade, will ensure local customers and firefighters continue to have water for their…

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