Backflow Prevention

Coronavirus Notice

Your personal safety, and limiting the potential spread of the Coronavirus, is Cal Water’s priority. As you know, the majority of our service areas are just one month into the annual backflow prevention assembly testing cycle. Many California counties have issued shelter-in-place advisories, and non-essential travel restrictions are being considered. Cal Water wants to remind our testers that these types of protective measures for COVID-19 take precedence over our annual backflow prevention assembly testing schedule. The June 15, 2020 due date in most of our service areas will currently remain in place; however, the automatic courtesy extension provided to our customers will be evaluated and adjusted to offset lost time. To protect the water supply, any failed assemblies must continue to be repaired.

Cal Water will postpone generating new installation letters and temporarily suspend enforcing installation requirements for existing service connections. New construction, where work is continuing, will need to comply with installation requirements prior to establishing water service.

The current circumstances are constantly changing, so communication is key. Please contact your local Cal Water Cross-Connection Control Specialist if you have any questions about completing work. Thank you for your diligence in ensuring the safety of the water supply, and stay healthy.

Backflow Tester Resource List

Testers who want to be included on the Cal Water tester resource list must attend a Backflow Tester Meeting. In addition they are required to submit a tester information sheet and provide evidence of backflow prevention assembly tester certification from either the California-Nevada Section of the American Water Works Association or the American Backflow Prevention Association along with their backflow test kit calibration. Testers are responsible for providing the Cal Water districts in which they test with any updates to certification and test kit calibration throughout the year in order to maintain their list eligibility.

Cross Connection Control Program Resource List

Cal Water District Primary Contacts Phone Email
Antelope Valley Angel Hinojos (661) 428-7503
Joe Hernandez (661) 201-5293
Bakersfield Angel Hinojos (661) 428-7503
Joe Hernandez (661) 201-5293
Bayshore Tim Hoppis (650) 558-7870
David Ramirez (650) 558-7816
Bear Gulch Keith Donovan (650) 428-0348
Chico Tom Miles (530) 893-6332
Dixon Sean Soulsby (209) 547-7915
Steve Farriot (209) 547-7913
East Los Angeles Leonard Clewett (323) 722-8601
Kern River Valley Angel Hinojos (661) 428-7503
Joe Hernandez (661) 201-5293
King City Ismael Trejo (831) 757-7975
Manny Canales (831) 750-7301
Livermore Sean Soulsby (209) 547-7915
Steve Farriot (209) 547-7913
Los Altos Keith Donovan (650) 428-0348
Lucerne Tom Miles (530) 893-6332
Marysville Carl Rea III (530) 742-6911
Oroville Tom Miles (530) 893-6332
Rancho Dominguez Joan Angel (310) 257-1452
Jonathan Munoz (310) 257-1466
Redwood Valley Tom Miles (530) 893-6332
Salinas Ismael Trejo (831) 757-7975
Manny Canales (831) 750-7301
Selma Juan Cisneros (559) 624-1670
Stockton Sean Soulsby (209) 547-7915
Steve Farriot (209) 547-7913
Visalia Juan Cisneros (559) 624-1670
Westlake Rocky Lundy (805) 413-1974
Willows Tom Miles (530) 893-6332


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