Conservation Progress Update

Water Savings in Our Districts

We all know it’s more important than ever to save water every day. That’s why we’re providing you with how much water each of our districts is conserving each month. Check out how your district is doing below.

In May 2024, Cal Water’s overall water-use reduction was 7.5%, marking over one year of water savings.

Below are reductions achieved in each Cal Water system in May 2024, compared with the same month in 2020. Please remember that Cal Water offers a number of conservation programs to help our customers save more water. We thank our customers who have been diligent in reducing their use and encourage everyone to keep up your conservation efforts.

System February Reduction
Antelope Valley -7.0%
Bakersfield 0.3%
—City of Bakersfield 7.5%
—Mid-Peninsula 9.5%
—South San Francisco -0.6%
Bear Gulch 14.2%
Chico -0.3%
Dixon -8.2%
East Los Angeles 7.8%
Kern River Valley 4.2%
King City 9.9%
Livermore 2.5%
Los Altos 13.6%
Marysville 14.5%
Oroville 16.5%
Rancho Dominguez
—Dominguez 6.8%
—Hawthorne 17.2%
—Hermosa-Redondo 11.1%
—Palos Verdes 18.2%
Redwood Valley -2.9%
Salinas 3.5%
Selma 19.6%
Stockton 12.2%
Visalia 7.1%
Westlake 26.6%
Willows 15.0%
Cal Water 7.5%