Drought Information

On April 7, 2017, Governor Brown declared an end to the drought emergency throughout California, except in four counties (Fresno, Kings, Tulare, and Tuolumne counties). Our Selma District is in Fresno County, and the Visalia District is in Tulare County; these two districts remain in a state of drought. With Governor Brown extending the drought emergency in Fresno/Tulare County, the State will be providing additional assistance to local communities.

We are pleased that the wet winter has eliminated drought conditions; however, we live in a traditionally dry climate, and we echo Governor Brown’s statement that it’s important for us to make water conservation a way of life and continue to use water wisely.

Along with Governor Brown’s announcement, the State released its framework for implementing long-term conservation standards. So for now, we will continue to show voluntary conservation targets on water bills (these targets do not impact your bill, as drought surcharges were eliminated in 2016). We have eliminated irrigation day requirements, but time-of-day watering restrictions remain in place. Cal Water customers should continue to observe any local city/county irrigation ordinances that may be effective.

Although the current drought is over, the State has kept prohibited uses of water designed to encourage broader conservation in effect. These include, for example, not hosing down paved areas and turning off irrigation systems when it rains. A full list of water use restrictions can be found on the Prohibited Uses of Water page.

We thank our customers for their cooperation and remind them that we are always here to help them use water wisely. See the Conservation Resources section of this web site or contact us for information on the many water conservation programs and resources we offer.

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