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The State Water Resources Control Board (State) has extended its mandatory water-use reductions and restrictions through January 2017, but allowed water suppliers to self-certify their reductions based on local water supply conditions over the next three years.

While we wait for new permanent standards, we are setting a conservation target in each district. Customers’ conservation targets, based on use in 2013 for most customers, will be shown on your water bill.

Additionally, we believe that our customers will continue to conserve responsibly, so for now, we are suspending surcharges for all District customers. As such, the appeal process will also be ending.

Banked units of water will not appear on your upcoming bills, but they will be maintained in your account until the current drought emergency ends. Please note that customers will not bank additional units of water while surcharges are suspended.

Prohibited uses of water, water waste violations, and irrigation schedules all remain effective. We will notify you of any changes to irrigation schedules as we align with any updated local ordinances.

Thank you for your cooperation during this historic drought, and remember that we are always here to help you use water wisely. Visit the conservation section for information on the many water conservation programs and resources we offer.

For more information, see the table of current conservation targets by district.

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