Preliminary Statements

Territory served by the utilityPreliminary Statement A
Types and classes of service, procedure to obtain service, and symbolsPreliminary Statement B-D
Customer Assistance Program Memorandum Account (CAP MA)Preliminary Statement H
Water Revenue Adjustment Mechanism/Modified Cost Balancing Account (WRAM/MCBA)Preliminary Statement M
Water Cost of Capital Adjustment Mechanism (WCCM)Preliminary Statement S
Lucerne Balancing Account (LBA)Preliminary Statement T
TCP Litigation Memorandum Account (TCPLMA)Preliminary Statement W
Conservation Expense One-Way Balancing Account 3 (CEBA3)Preliminary Statement Z3
Conservation Expense One-Way Balancing Account 4 (CEBA4)Preliminary Statement Z4
Pension Cost Balancing Account (PCBA3)Preliminary Statement AA3
Pension Cost Balancing Account (PCBA4)Preliminary Statement AA4
Health Cost Balancing Account 3 (HCBA3)Preliminary Statement AB3
Health Cost Balancing Account 4 (HCBA4)Preliminary Statement AB4
Catastrophic Event Memorandum Account (CEMA)Preliminary Statement AG
Chromium 6 Memorandum Account (CHROMIUM-6 MA)Preliminary Statement AI
Customer Assistance Program Balancing Account (CAP BA)Preliminary Statement AJ
Drought Memorandum Account 2 (DRMA2)Preliminary Statement AL2
Rate Support Fund Balancing Account (RSF BA)Preliminary Statement AM
Infrastructure Memorandum Account (IMA)Preliminary Statement AN
Water Contamination Litigation Memorandum Account (WCLMA)Preliminary Statement AO
General District Balancing Accounts (District BAs)Preliminary Statement AP
Asbestos Litigation Memorandum Account (ALMA)Preliminary Statement AS
School Lead Testing Memorandum Account (SLTMA)Preliminary Statement AT
Sites Reservoir Memo Account (SITES MA)Preliminary Statement AU
2018 Tax Accounting Memo Account (TAMA)Preliminary Statement AV
Lead Service Line Memorandum Account (LSL MA)Preliminary Statement AX
Public Safety Power Shut-Off Memorandum Account (PSPS MA)Preliminary Statement AY
2018 GRC Interim Rate Memorandum Account (2018 IRMA)Preliminary Statement AZ
Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) Memorandum AccountPreliminary Statement BA