Operating Rules

Below are the operating rules and regulations set forth by the California Public Utilities Commission.

Definitions Rule No. 1
Description of Service Rule No. 2
Application for service Rule No. 3
Contracts Rule No. 4
Special information required on forms Rule No. 5
Establishment and re-establishment of credit Rule No. 6
Deposits Rule No. 7
Notices Rule No. 8
Rendering and payment of bills Rule No. 9
Disputed bills Rule No. 10
Discontinuance and restoration of service Rule No. 11
Information available to public Rule No. 12
Temporary service Rule No. 13
Continuity of service Rule No. 14
Non-Essential, Wasteful Uses of Potable Water Rule No. 14.1
Main extensions Rule No. 15
Service connections, meters, and customer’s facilities Rule No. 16
Standards for measurement of service Rule No. 17
Meter tests and adjustment of bills for meter error Rule No. 18
Service to separate premises and multiple units, and resale of water Rule No. 19
Water conservation Rule No. 20
Military family relief program Rule No. 21
Customer Information Sharing Rule No. 22