Advice Letters

Advice letters are informal requests to the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) seeking approval or authorization. Below you can find proposed advice letters submitted to the CPUC. Select your district to see a list of documents related to your district (or visit the Find My District page if you don’t know what district you are in).

The advice letters below are categorized in two ways, “Effective” and “Not Currently Effective”, based on their tariff status.

  • If an advice letter is “Effective,” the CPUC has either authorized the filing or it is categorized as a filing that can be implemented in billing while the CPUC reviews (pending).
  • If an advice letter is “Not Currently Effective,” it may be in the process of being reviewed by the CPUC (pending), not authorized by the CPUC (rejected), removed by the Company (withdrawn), or was previously approved by the CPUC, but has been since replaced by another advice letter.

If the advice letter has been approved, the date shown in the file name is the effective date. If the advice letter is pending, rejected, or withdrawn, the date shown in the file name is the filing date.

Advice letters are also available on the CPUC’s web site in their Index of Advice Letters.


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