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4th Straight Month of Water Savings


For the fourth month in a row, Cal Water customers reduced their water use, with half of the utility’s districts surpassing 15% in reductions in August. Company-wide, Cal Water reduced water use by 12.3% last month compared to August 2020. All of Cal Water’s districts achieved savings this August, showing that customers continued to heed…

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Working Together to Fight Climate Change


by Ken Jenkins, Chief Water Resource Sustainability Officer Around the globe, people are facing the consequences of climate change. Here in California, our communities have been braving record-breaking heat waves that push our power grid to the brink and living with intense wildfires that leave devastation and harmful smoke left in their wake. These climate…

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Third Consecutive Month of Increasing Conservation


Together with its customers, Cal Water achieved greater water use reductions over the preceding month for the third month in a row. As customers continued to heed the Governor’s call to conserve water, Cal Water reduced water use company-wide by 12.4% in July 2022 compared to July 2020, with 10 of its districts saving more…

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Central Bakersfield infrastructure project


Our Bakersfield District will start an infrastructure improvement project to strengthen water system reliability and fire protection in central Bakersfield on September 5. Our crews will replace nearly a mile of water pipes, nine hydrants, and 75 customer service connections. The original water main was installed in the 1940s and is becoming unreliable. Installation will…

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Important Water Conservation Bill SB 1469 Passes

Drought conditions

Cal Water today applauded passage of SB 1469 (Sens. Bradford, Becker), which would make permanent a proven program that has encouraged California water customers to reduce their water use and helped keep water bills low for all customers, particularly low-income customers. The bill now goes to Governor Newsom’s desk. The bill has broad support among…

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Cal Water Selects Tavis Beynon as District Manager


Cal Water has selected Tavis Beynon to lead its Marysville, Redwood Valley, and Willows districts as the new District Manager. Evan Markey, who served in this role previously, now oversees the utility’s Chico District. Beynon started his Cal Water career in July 2002 in Chico and has more than 20 years of water utility experience.…

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Tank Coating Project to Start in Redondo Beach


Our Rancho Dominguez District will start a water infrastructure improvement project in Redondo Beach on Monday, which will improve water supply reliability. The work includes tank improvements to enhance employee safety, followed by an interior and exterior coating project, on the 1-million-gallon water storage tank at our station located at Pearl Street and South Lucia…

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Cal Water Districts Lead in June 2022 Water Savings

As Californians have begun heeding the call for conservation amid the worsening drought, Cal Water and its customers made strides in reducing water use across its service areas during June 2022. Company-wide, Cal Water reduced water use by 11.6% compared to June 2020, with seven of its districts among the top water-saving systems in the…

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Statement by Cal Water on the Governor’s Water Supply Strategy

dry landscape

California Water Service has been laser-focused on climate change, supply diversification, and demand management, and we strongly support Governor Newsom’s new water supply strategy. This includes an urgent call to do more to conserve water, and to identify and develop new water supplies through infrastructure improvements, recycling, desalination, and more storage. Climate change means more…

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Cal Water starts infrastructure upgrade in Carson


Yesterday, our Rancho Dominguez District started an infrastructure upgrade to improve water supply reliability and fire protection in north Carson. Crews will install 1,900 feet of new 8-inch and 6-inch water main to replace smaller, aging pipes. Work will take place Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. along the: 21300 to 21400…

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