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Redondo Beach Infrastructure Improvement Project

Construction in Redondo Beach

Last week, crews started an infrastructure improvement project in Redondo Beach that will improve water system reliability and fire protection for years to come. Cal Water is installing more than 2,800 feet of new 6- and 8-inch water main to replace aging pipes. Crews will also install three new fire hydrants to enhance fire flow…

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Groundwater Supplies Meet New Chromium-6 Draft Standard

Chromium-6 treatment facility

Following the State Water Resources Control Board’s (State Board) release of a draft maximum contaminant level (MCL) of 10 parts per billion (ppb) for chromium-6 this week, Cal Water today announced that water sources in its affected service areas are already being treated to comply with the new draft standard. Cal Water installed treatment at…

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Main Installation Beginning in Downtown Bakersfield

Bakersfield main installation

Cal Water started a water infrastructure upgrade on March 7, 2022, in downtown Bakersfield as part of the utility’s commitment to ensuring critical infrastructure remains safe and reliable. The upgrade will ensure local customers and firefighters continue to have water for their everyday needs and in an emergency. Cal Water plans to replace 4,900 feet…

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How we provide Californians with safe, clean water


By Martin A. Kropelnicki President and CEO Every day, about two million Cal Water customers turn on their faucets and know they can rely on us to deliver safe, clean water. Across our service areas, we’re working hard to continually invest in our water system infrastructure and make sure residents and businesses don’t have to…

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New SCADA System in Salinas

SCADA displays

Our Salinas District recently completed installation of a new SCADA system to help enhance security and reliability for the water system we operate in Foothill Estates. The upgrade improves our ability to monitor two well pumps, a booster pump, and five storage tanks remotely, and it enables district personnel to react quicker to any issues…

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Group Diversifies Giving, Increases Support in 2021

Hand holding heart shape

As part of its commitment to enhancing the quality of life in the communities it serves, California Water Service Group (Group) and its subsidiaries donated $2.19 million to community organizations, first responders, and students in 2021. Last year’s contributions surpassed 2020 charitable donations and community giving by about a half-million dollars. In 2021, Group allocated…

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Important Infrastructure Construction Project in Carson


Tomorrow, our Rancho Dominguez District will start a new, important infrastructure construction project in Carson. Our crews will install new well pumping equipment and a new building to house mechanical and electrical equipment, and will improve the curb appeal of the current site with water-efficient landscaping, new asphalt, and fencing. This upgrade, which is expected…

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Los Altos Wildfire Hardening Project

Los Altos equipment installation

The Los Altos District is putting the finishing touches on a wildfire hardening project, where crews have installed 1,340 feet of new 8-inch PVC pipe connecting two of the district’s water zones. Connecting the water zones will help increase the water supply in case of a fire or water shortage. Crews also installed three new…

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Atherton Infrastructure Improvement Project

Infrastructure work in Atherton

Our Bear Gulch District has started an infrastructure improvement project that will enhance water supply reliability and fire protection in the western portion of Atherton. Crews are installing 5,600 feet of 12-inch ductile iron water pipes and three new hydrants. The pipe installation is taking place on Stockbridge Avenue, from Amador Ave to El Camino…

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Bear Gulch Interconnect Construction

Interconnect construction in Bear Gulch

To increase fire protection for local residents, Cal Water’s Bear Gulch District is in the process of building an interconnection between its system and the City of Menlo Park’s water supply. As the name suggests, interconnections connect two separate systems via a pipeline. In this case, the goal is to supply either partner with extra…

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