Installing booster connection in PBCA

Summary: Crews installing booster connection to help minimize service interruptions when making main repairs.

Current status: Construction completed, and booster pump control in use when needed.

UPDATE 4/17/2024: The booster connection has been installed and was used for the first time today, when repairs to a leak on Burma Trail prompted a service interruption or low pressure to residents in PBCA. This allowed us to turn water back on and restore normal pressure for all residents except those in the immediate repair area.

Historically, when leaks have occurred in certain parts of the Portuguese Bend Community Association, Cal Water has had to temporarily interrupt water service to most or all of the neighborhood in order to make repairs. Crews recently completed design plans to install a portable booster connection on Narcissa Drive, which will enable crews to minimize water service outages to customers while completing repair work going forward. Construction began this week and is expected to be completed next week.