Cal Water news release

Seventh Straight Month of Water Savings

Although the weather has started to cool, Cal Water customers continued to reduce their water use for the seventh month in a row in November. More than half of Cal Water’s districts surpassed 15% in reductions; company-wide, Cal Water reduced water use by 13.6% compared to November 2020.

“I would like to thank our customers for all of their hard work stepping up conservation efforts this year,” said Martin A. Kropelnicki, President and CEO. “While we are hoping for a wet winter, we urge our customers to stay mindful of their water use and continue to save water every day.”

During these wetter months, as more water is used inside homes and businesses, Cal Water encourages customers to remember simple indoor water-saving tips, such as turning off the tap when brushing teeth or shaving, running full loads of laundry and dishes, and checking toilets for leaks.

The 13 Cal Water districts that surpassed 15% in water-use reductions are:

  • Bakersfield, saving 16.8%
  • Bear Gulch, saving 28.9%
  • Kern River Valley, saving 16.9%
  • King City, saving 18.6%
  • Livermore, saving 22.4%
  • Los Altos, saving 32.9%
  • Marysville, saving 17.2%
  • Mid-Peninsula, saving 15.4%
  • Oroville, saving 25.4%
  • Palos Verdes, saving 16.8%
  • Selma, saving 19.0%
  • Westlake, saving 36.8%
  • Willows, saving 23.3%

Previously, Cal Water customers throughout the state reduced their water use in May by 6.5%, in June by 11.6%, in July by 12.4%, in August by 12.3%, in September by 10.6%, and in October by 12.1%.

Conservation savings for all Cal Water districts are available at Customers can get more information about conservation rebates and programs, drought resources, and water restrictions at