How can I save water in my school?

Conservation at schoolAs an education professional, you have a unique opportunity to promote water conservation in your community. You and every other person in your school are a resource—a potential ambassador for conservation. Here are a few suggestions for your school.

  • Teachers: Because they interact directly with students, teachers can be effective cheerleaders for conservation. They can seek out water conservation-related projects and activities to keep students aware of conservation and help make it fun. They can also watch for students wasting water—by letting water fountains run or splashing water, for example—and correct the behavior.
  • Maintenance Staff: Maintenance employees know the school’s infrastructure and are in the best position to spot problems. In addition to responding to complaints about water leaks, they can also proactively search for water waste. This is particularly important in the case of “invisible” leaks, such as those in irrigation systems.
  • Students: Students, by virtue of their number, are the “worker bees” of school conservation. They should be encouraged to promptly report leaks and other instances of water waste, and to share what they learn about conservation with their families to help spread the conservation message throughout the community.
  • Water Service Providers: Cal Water and other water service providers have programs and materials available to assist schools with conserving water and educating students about water conservation. Contact your local water service provider for more information on what programs and materials are available in your area.