Cal Water news release

Some Drought Restrictions Lifted

Cal Water is reviewing the details of Governor Newsom’s announcement easing water-use restrictions and how regionally specific components affect our service areas. Any changes we make will be based on local water supply conditions and need approval by the California Public Utilities Commission; we will communicate any changes to our customers as quickly as possible. Please note that prohibited, wasteful uses of water remain in place statewide.

Additionally, while we are thankful for all of the precipitation we have received this year, we remind our customers that it is still important to use water wisely and make conservation a way of life, as our changing climate will bring more dry years in the future. We are here to help our customers save water every day through a variety of programs and rebates to meet your unique needs. Customers can visit the conservation page for more details, and we encourage you to contact us if they have any questions or need assistance.