Backflow Tester Meeting Schedule

As a tester, you are required to attend an annual cross-connection control program meeting provided by Cal Water if you would like your name to appear on the tester resource list in your area(s). The purpose of these annual meetings is to assist you, the certified tester, in understanding our program and its requirements, streamline management of our tester resource list, and improve communication between Cal Water and the testing community.

Testers who attend this mandatory meeting and provide evidence of current tester certification along with test gage calibration will become eligible for inclusion on tester resource lists that Cal Water distributes to our customers. Testers who do not attend one of the scheduled meetings can still submit completed test reports to Cal Water, provided current documentation is on file for tester certification and test gage calibration; however, these testers will not be eligible for inclusion on the tester resource list for the 2016 testing cycle.

The meeting schedule is below. You do not need to attend the meeting in your immediate area; you may select any meeting throughout the state. Be sure to check this page for any updates to the schedule as your preferred meeting date nears.

Tester Meeting Schedule

There are currently no tester meetings scheduled. They generally occur in October and November and will be listed below when a schedule is available.

A tester from either the California Nevada Section of the American Water Works Association or the American Backflow Prevention Association along with backflow test kit calibrations must be presented at the meeting. It is the responsibility of the tester to provide the Cal Water districts in which they test with any updates to certification and test gage calibrations throughout the year in order to maintain their list eligibility.