Cal Water news release

Annual Water Quality Reports Now Available

California Water Service (Cal Water) has published its annual Consumer Confidence Reports (CCR) for each of its water systems and invites customers to learn about the quality of their local water supply. Customers can access their 2023 CCRs, also called water quality reports, along with previous years’ reports online at

Importantly, the reports confirm that Cal Water met all primary, federal and state water quality standards set for drinking water in 2023 with zero primary or secondary violations. The reports also provide comprehensive information on the local water supply, standards, testing, current hot topics, and more for last year. Customers who do not have internet access may obtain a copy by contacting their local Cal Water office.

“Protecting our customers’ health and safety is our absolute highest priority, and we treat and test for hundreds of constituents to confirm that their water is safe and clean,” said Sophie James, Chief Water Quality Officer. ” The residents and businesses we serve can rest assured they are receiving high-quality water and get more details about the water they drink, cook with, and use every day through these Consumer Confidence Reports.”