Managing Multiple Online Accounts

The Cal Water customer portalIn compliance with industry best practices, customers access the Cal Water customer portal using a single email address, which can be associated with any number of accounts or property addresses. (A separate billing email address can be set up for receiving invoices and payment confirmation emails.) This system replaced the previous portal, under which you could have multiple usernames associated with the same email address.

Although using an email address for logging into online account management has become a best practice in the utility industry, we realize that this new system may be inconvenient for some customers who are used to having a separate username for each of their accounts. So that you don’t have to manage this process on your own, Customer Service Representatives are standing by to help you make the transition.

Some items that a Customer Service Representative can help you with include:

  • Setting up your login for the new portal.
  • Checking your usernames in the old system to make sure all of your accounts are linked to your new login.
  • Linking all of the accounts you manage to the same email address. Once this is done, you will be able to view all of your accounts in the portal with one login.
  • Adding names to the mailing addresses that appear on your bills to help you identify the company for that account.

After all of your accounts are linked to a single email address, we recommend that you log into the customer portal to review the payment methods and AutoPay status of each account.

For assistance setting up your account, if you still have questions, or if these options don’t work for you, please contact your local Customer Center.