Payment Information

What is Cal Water’s payment process?

  • Submit your invoice to or mail them to PO Box 49033, San Jose, CA 95161.
  • Submit a copy of the invoice to the end-user, buyer or district representative accepting the goods/services.
  • Internally, we match the documents to the purchase authorization (PO) and process the payment according to the negotiated terms.

What are some best practices to ensure prompt payment?

Ensure your invoices include the following information:

  • Vendor Name (as specified on PO)
  • Vendor’s address
  • Vendor’s remit-to address
  • Vendor’s contact phone number
  • Invoice Number
  • Invoice Date
  • Contractor Authorization #, if provided
  • PO Number (provided by Cal Water)
  • PO Line Number
  • PO Line Unit of Measure
  • PO Line Unit Price
  • QTY shipped or billed
  • Total Merchandise Amount (sub-total of all line charges)
  • Freight, Sales Tax and Misc charges
  • Total Gross Invoice Amount

Who do I contact if I have questions about the invoice payment process, status of payment or to address concerns?

Please contact Danica Davis at or (408) 367-8569.