RPV Community Update Newsletter, March 13, 2024

RPV Community Update Center Water News for You, March 13, 2024

New Water Main on Clovetree Online Soon

Crews completed installation of the new water main along Clovetree Place in the Portuguese Bend Community Association on March 1, and conducted pressure testing and water quality sampling last week. After acceptable test results are received, expected to be this week, crews will tie the new water main into the system and place it in service.

Crews Assessing Vanderlip-Area Main Replacements

The City of Rancho Palos Verdes has cleared the vegetation within the Vanderlip Trail area, where we plan to replace about 1,000 feet of existing water main with above-ground main. As part of this project, we also plan to replace existing water main along Vanderlip Drive with above-ground main, and install a swing joint (learn more about swing joints and how they help below) where more land movement has occurred recently. Engineering crews and a geotechnical consultant will be conducting a site walk this week to assess the alignment in this area, and materials have been ordered for the installation.

Above-ground main along PV Drive South Above-Ground Main Along PV Drive South Nears Completion

Installation of the above-ground water main near Wayfarers Chapel began on Monday, March 4. Crews expect to complete construction this week, after which we will conduct pressure and water quality testing. After acceptable results are received, we will place the new main into service.

Swing Joints: A Term You Never Thought You’d Know

In areas where land movement has been causing more main breaks in the Portuguese Bend Community Association (PBCA) recently, we will be installing six new swing joints that allow our water mains and infrastructure to better flex with the movement. These swing joints, which will be installed in five locations, are similar to those installed in Seaview and along PV Drive South and Clovetree. We expect to receive materials in about six weeks, after which we will start installing from Vanderlip Drive, near the top of PBCA, south to Narcissa Drive.

Other Main Installation Projects in Progress

In the Portuguese Bend Beach Club, crews are evaluating the best approach to repair the water main between Yacht Harbor Drive and Palos Verdes Drive South. We are also assessing a new water main replacement along PV Drive South between the Seaview and Beach Club neighborhoods.

Additionally, design work continues on the water main replacement for the rest of western Seaview, where we plan to install about 8,000 feet of water main as a proactive measure in consideration of ongoing land movement. Design work also continues for the Narcissa Drive infrastructure project and surrounding streets in the Portuguese Bend Community Association, where we plan to install about 9,500 feet of new main.

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