2021 IIP: Salinas Valley Region

Every three years, Cal Water submits an Infrastructure Improvement Plan to an independent state agency and separate state watchdog, the California Public Advocates, for review and approval. This process helps to ensure that we are able to continue providing a reliable supply of safe, clean water for customers’ everyday needs and sufficient resources for firefighters.

Our most recent Infrastructure Improvement Plan for years 2022–2024 was submitted on July 1, 2021, kicking off a typically 18-month review process. Final approval is expected near the end of 2022, with any associated rate changes not occurring until 2023–2025.

Cal Water has been part of the Salinas Valley Region community since 1962, and our promise is to deliver quality, service, and value to our customers. On this page, you will find up-to-date information about our proposal for this service area.

Salinas Valley Region 2021 infrastructure improvement planning click for a PDF

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