Livermore: Water supply source to change temporarily; residents may notice harder water

Cal Water’s purchased water supplier, Zone 7, will be changing its source of supply over the summer from surface water to groundwater, as surface water allocations have been reduced due to the drought. During this time, Zone 7, which provides 75% of Cal Water’s supply to our Livermore customers, will draw from groundwater stored during prior wetter years. You may notice that this water is harder than the water you normally receive.

As a result, you may detect a slight change in taste or experience spotting on glasses or silverware after they are cleaned in your dishwasher. Spots on glasses can be unsightly, but they can be easily removed with white vinegar. To prevent glasses from spotting, either wash them by hand or dry them immediately after the wash cycle. There are also some dishwashing soaps on the market that are made specifically for harder water, and they may help as well.

Please note that these are aesthetic issues only, and your water continues to meet all federal and state water quality standards. We apologize for any inconvenience during this time. If you have any questions or would like more information, please call our Customer Center at (925) 447-4900.

Meanwhile, please remember to…
Use water wisely. It’s essential.