Largest Main Project in Salinas District History Completed to Improve Water System Reliability for Customers

Cal Water has completed the installation of more than a mile of water main in Salinas, the largest main project in the district’s 53-year history. The new 24-inch main will distribute newly developed groundwater with better quality than the former source to Salinas customers.

The main, which extends 5,700 feet on Dayton Street, Harkins Road, and South Abbott Street, is made of ductile iron pipe. The installation, which took place on some of the busiest streets in Salinas, also required 190 feet of boring and the installation of a 36″ casing to house the 24″ transmission pipeline, 10-feet under a railroad crossing.

The natural quality of the water supply that was previously pumped from the northern Salinas system required considerable treatment to meet water quality standards, so Cal Water recently constructed a new well in the southern part of the city, where the natural water quality is superior. The new transmission pipeline now transfers the higher-quality water to the northern part of the system.

“In order to provide a reliable supply of high-quality water, we must invest in and upgrade our water system infrastructure. The installation of the new main and well will reduce our dependency on a deteriorating water supply and help us operate more efficiently,” said Cal Water District Manager Mike Jones.