Cal Water Service Completes New Well and Tanks Serving Kern River Valley’s Lakeland, South Lake Customers

Customers of Cal Water’s Kern River Valley District now benefit from increased water supply and improved system reliability, all thanks to a new well and new storage tanks constructed in the utility’s Lakeland and South Lake water systems.

The new well currently produces 30 gallons of water per minute and has a maximum capacity of 100 gallons per minute; it also provides additional water supplies for fire emergencies. Approximately 300 customers will benefit from this well, which contractors had to drill through 700 feet of solid rock to install. This well supports three other wells serving the area, allowing their usage to be rotated so any single well isn’t over-taxed.

“The constant flow of water from this well will supplement the other wells, giving them a chance to rest and recover,” said Chris Whitley, Local Manager. “If we must maintain one well, we have others to support the whole system.”

Additionally, in the Lakeland system, two new 22,000-gallon tanks were recently installed to replace an aging 52,000-gallon tank that was no longer reliable.

“The purpose of these tanks is to hold treated water from the treatment plant and be readily available to pump up to the hill, feeding the distribution system as needed,” said Jon Yasin, Superintendent.

In the South Lake system, a new 100,000-gallon steel tank was recently added in the upper-pressure zone, doubling the storage capacity for water available to portions of South Lake and Squirrel Valley. The tank was almost lost in the Erskine Fire just five weeks after its completion.