Cal Water Begins Main Replacement Project to Ensure Future Reliability to Customers

Cal Water has started an infrastructure upgrade project that will replace 1,200 feet of aging water mains on Del Monte Avenue, between El Campo and Del Paso Drives in South San Francisco, to improve water supply reliability to the local area.

The original four-inch concrete main, which was installed more than 50 years ago, will be replaced with 12-inch ductile iron main. Iron mains are more durable, cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and require less maintenance.

The construction is expected to last for approximately five weeks and is not expected to cause any significant traffic issues, as two-way traffic will be available at all times.

“We believe that being proactive in upgrading infrastructure is critical to protecting the future of our water service,” said Local Manager Mike Utz. “By replacing our aging infrastructure now, we can avoid disruptions in service later and ensure we have a safe and reliable water supply.”