Bear Gulch Construction Update: Jack and Bore Complete

In just under three weeks, Preston Pipelines was able to complete the Jack and Bore in Portola Road to install 30″ casing and 22″ CL&C pipe beneath the Sausal Creek culverts. The project included excavating and shoring of boring and receiving pit, each 18 feet deep. Land discharge application was used due to the groundwater table roughly 13 feet below ground surface. This portion of the project was limited by a Streambed Alteration Agreement with California Department of Fish and Wildlife. A biological consultant conducted a pre-construction survey and was onsite every day to inspect the area for frogs, woodrats, turtles, snakes, and bats, all of which believed to be in the project vicinity. Work was not allowed during if NOAA weather was predicting precipitation, wet weather, or 24-hours after rain. The agreement was executed at the end of August and required work to be completed by the end of October. In two months, we were able to competitively bid the entire $4.4M project, award, permit and construct the portion associated with the Streambed Alteration Agreement.

Public notification was conducted via posted signs, mailed letters to customers in the project vicinity, and creation of a project website. Additionally, we contacted local cycling clubs to request minimal traffic along Portola Road for the project duration. Preston scheduled their lunch breaks in an effort to accommodate a group of approximately 50 cyclists that ride through the area every day at 12:20pm.

While we pause to celebrate the accelerated completion of the jack and bore, there is much work remaining. The installation of 2 miles of 16″/20″ pipelines will continue into Spring 2016 and the Station 13 rebuild will start early 2016 to allow for the demolition of the aging infrastructure at Station 8.

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