Cal Water Donates More Than $42,000 to Salvation Army

Cal Water presented a check for $42,795 to the Salvation Army today to provide relief to families affected by the Erskine Fire. Funds were raised quickly and donated by Cal Water employees, shareholders, and business partners.

“The Erskine Fire devastated families and cost them their homes,” said Chris Whitley, Cal Water’s Kern River Valley Local Manager. “Being part of this community, we could not imagine our efforts to help our neighbors ending when the fire was out; now, we need to help start the process of rebuilding.”

Funds will be used by the Salvation Army to provide fire relief in the form of food, clothing, hygiene products, and housing for the families affected by the fire. The Erskine Fire burned more than 48,000 acres earlier this summer; 285 homes were destroyed, 261 of which were within Cal Water’s service area.

Several elected officials were represented at the check presentation, including Keenan Hochschild from the Office of Congressman Kevin McCarthy and Romeo Agbalog from the office of Senator Jean Fuller.

“The long road of recovery is just beginning,” said Kennan Hochschild, Field Representative from the office of Congressman Kevin McCarthy. “It is these investments that will help this community begin the process of healing.”

The United States Forest Service, Smokey Bear, and Kern County Fire Department were also on hand for the event.