Main Replacement Project for Salinas Customers Begins

Cal Water has started a water system improvement project in Salinas, with the installation of approximately 2,700 feet of water main to improve water supply reliability and water quality for local customers and Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital. A new hydrant and four replacement fire hydrants will also be installed.

The new eight-inch main is being installed on Los Palos Drive from Abbott Street to E. Romie Lane. Six-and eight-inch main will also be installed on Fairmont Drive and Fairmont Circle. The new main is made of PVC pipe, which is considered to have a longer life than alternative materials and is considered to be environmentally friendly. Construction is expected to be completed by late July.

Construction will take place between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Mondays through Fridays, and some traffic delays or detours may occur. A City-approved Traffic Control Plan will be implemented to control and maintain a safe environment.

“This important water system upgrade will ensure that we have a reliable supply of high-quality water to meet the community’s needs around the clock,” said Cal Water Interim District Manager Brenda Granillo. “We will do our best to minimize any traffic impacts and will ensure the streets are in good condition when the project is complete.”