Cal Water gives customers tour of its Bakersfield water system

Cal Water opened up the doors to its Northeast Treatment Plant for a water system tour on Feb. 13 to educate attendees on the process the utility takes to provide high-quality water to customers every time they turn on the tap.

Cal Water extended the invitation to all customers in its Bakersfield District, and more than 90 people decided to take advantage of the opportunity to learn about Cal Water’s operation in Bakersfield.

On the tour, customers learned about Cal Water’s needed investments in Bakersfield’s water system infrastructure including the flat-to-meter conversion, wells, pumps, water-quality treatment and testing, and water mains.

“From 2010 to 2015, Cal Water invested $53.5 million in water system improvements,” according to Rudy Valles, Bakersfield District Manager. “Investing in infrastructure improvements is really an investment in our customers’ welfare and safety. We will continue to make repairs and improvements to ensure our customers receive the most reliable and highest-quality water supply possible.”