Bear Gulch Proposed Infrastructure Improvements

Cal Water is proposing to construct infrastructure improvements in the Town of Portola Valley, Town of Woodside, and San Mateo County. The project will consist of the following:

  1. Reconstruction of the booster pumping station and associated facilities at our Station 13 property, located at the intersection of Portola Road and Westridge Drive in the Town of Portola Valley;
  2. The installation of approximately 2 miles of transmission pipeline in Portola Road, from Sand Hill Road to Old La Honda Road and Tadin Lane to Stonegate Road;
  3. The demolition of facilities and establishment of natural landscaping at Station 8, located immediately east of the intersection of Portola and Haysfield Road in the Town of Portola Valley;
  4. The abandonment of an 8″ main in the multi-use trail along the eastern shoulder of Portola Road from Montecito Road to Santa Maria Avenue;

The proposed improvements ensure that we will have a reliable supply of high-quality water to meet the community’s needs at all times. The project will not increase the capacity of the water system.