Water System Reliability for East Los Angeles District Improved

Cal Water has completed the replacement of 1,635 feet of aging water main in the company’s East Los Angeles District. The new main will improve water supply reliability and distribute newly developed local groundwater supplies to Cal Water’s Montebello, Commerce, and East Los Angeles customers.

The original 12-inch cast-iron main, installed in the 1920s, was replaced with 16-inch ductile iron and steel mains to move groundwater from a well that was installed earlier this year. The new well was built to increase supply and reduce the need for purchased surface water, which is more expensive than groundwater and subject to curtailment.

This project was part of Cal Water’s systematic infrastructure maintenance and upgrade program. The previous pipe’s condition was declining due to its age and was not capable of transferring the well water throughout the water system.

In addition to installing the main, Cal Water added 39 new services and three fire hydrants in the area to improve fire protection.

“In order to provide a reliable supply of high-quality water, we need to maintain and upgrade our water system infrastructure. The installation of the new main and well will reduce our dependency on external water sources and help us operate more efficiently,” said Cal Water District Manager Dan Armendariz.