Cal Water news release

New Treatment Plant Underway in Marysville

Long view of GAC installation in MarysvilleAlthough there are not currently state or federal Maximum Contaminant Levels limiting the amount of PFOS and PFOA in drinking water, we have been proactive in testing our active water sources for the contaminants. We took any wells offline years ago that would have exceeded the existing Response Level for these compounds. While the impacted well has been offline in our Marysville District, we have been installing granular-activated carbon (GAC) treatment facilities to remove the compounds and protect the quality of the water. The new equipment will allow us to return the wells to service, ensuring that we have a safe, reliable water supply for our customers, both as drought conditions continue and for decades to come.

As always, protecting our customers’ health and safety is our top priority. See the progress our crews have been making on the treatment plant installation.

Crane in Marysville GAC tanks in Marysville Instllation of GAC treatment in Marysville