Cal Water news release

Elevated Storage Tank in King City Removed

King City elevated tank demolitionCal Water recently decommissioned and removed its 100,000-gallon, elevated water tank. The tank, located in downtown King City, no longer meets newer seismic standards and has not been in use since 2013.

According to Acting Local Manager Gary Vincelet, retrofitting the tank to make it seismically sound would have been costly and needlessly increase water rates. Instead, Cal Water introduced a pressure system, which uses well pumps and booster pumps to transfer water from existing tanks throughout the service area. This system also increases and regulates water pressure, creating a more reliable water supply for customers.

“Upgrading the empty and outdated water tank would have been very costly, resulting in higher water bills for our customers,” said Vincelet. “The infrastructure we have installed highlights our commitment to provide quality, service, and value to our customers. Not only will it enhance service, but it was a more cost-effective option, which helps keeps water affordable.”