Cal Water news release

Lucerne Customers Asked To Conserve Water

NewsAs Lake County experiences another dry year and water levels in Clear Lake continue to decline, Cal Water encouraged customers in its Lucerne water system to conserve water as much as possible. Cal Water’s Lucerne system obtains water for its customers from Clear Lake.

“Our Lucerne customers have done a tremendous job with their conservation efforts, and we look forward to partnering with them again as we again face drought conditions,” said Cal Water District Manager Evan Markey.

According to Markey, Cal Water has been preparing to meet customers’ needs in preparation for drought conditions. These efforts include:

  • Replacing, repairing, and upgrading infrastructure to minimize water loss;
  • Identifying and repairing leaks through a Water Loss Auditing and Control Program;
  • Developing 30-year Water Supply and Facilities Master Plans, which enable the utility to identify and address potential gaps in supplies; and
  • Updating its Conservation Master Plan to help determine programs that would most benefit local customers and reduce water use.

“Although these efforts are critically important, they can’t take the place of customer conservation efforts,” Markey said.

Cal Water encourages customers to utilize its industry-leading conservation program to help save water. The utility offers rebates on high-efficiency appliances and devices; a free conservation kit that includes a garden hose nozzle with shutoff valve, high-efficiency showerheads, faucet aerators, and more; educational resources; and a smart landscape tune-up program that includes an irrigation system evaluation along with installation of efficient devices and repair of irrigation leaks at no cost to customers.

Residents and businesses should also continue observing the prohibited uses of water that have been in effect. Water-wasting activities include, in part, using water on outdoor landscaping that causes runoff onto adjacent properties or paved areas; using water during or within 48 hours after measurable rainfall; using a hose to wash vehicles unless the hose has a shutoff nozzle or similar device; and using water in a fountain or other decorative water feature, except where part of a recirculating system

Cal Water customers can visit the conservation web page or contact the Redwood Valley Customer Center at (707) 274-6624 for information on conservation programs along with a full list of prohibited uses of water.