Cal Water news release

First Phase of Construction in Rancho Dominguez Finished

Cal Water has completed construction on a new well in Carson, which is the first phase in building a new water treatment plant in its Rancho Dominguez District. The new well, which is expected to produce 2,000 gallons of water per minute, will reduce dependency on costlier purchased water for residents and increase supply reliability. This is the first well constructed in 20 years for Cal Water’s Dominguez water system.

“We are committed to upgrading our infrastructure to ensure the continued delivery of safe, reliable drinking water to our customers,” said District Manager Dan Armendariz. “With this phase of the project completed before the end of the year, the community will begin to see the benefit of the new well almost immediately.”
During this phase of the project, Cal Water also improved the curb appeal of the station by landscaping with low-water-use plants, paving, and installing gravel to eliminate weeds.

Cal Water now begins the second phase of the project, which will consist of building a water treatment facility to ensure the water produced meets all federal and state water quality standards. Construction of the entire plant is expected to be completed in late 2018.