Cal Water news release

Cal Water Recommends Flushing Taps—Offers Bill Credits

As residents begin returning home from the mandatory evacuations caused by the River Fire, Cal Water recommends customers flush their taps briefly before use to move water that had been stagnant out of their household pipes.

The water system itself was not impacted by the fire and power outages, as Cal Water crews were able to utilize generators at its stations to keep the water system operational. Water that has been sitting unused in homes and buildings, however, can cause temporary taste or odor issues. Flushing this water through the home’s pipes will help alleviate these aesthetic issues. As a secondary step, customers can refrigerate an open pitcher of water to help taste or odor clear.

Additionally, to account for the time residents were unable to be in their homes due to the mandatory evacuation, Cal Water will be issuing a $20 bill credit on affected customers’ upcoming bills.

“The River Fire has been devastating for members of our community. Our thoughts are with everyone affected during this time, and we want their water service to be one less thing to worry about,” said District Manager Brenda Granillo. “As residents return home, we hope providing this information and credit on their bills will help ease the stress they are already feeling.”

More details about questions customers may have are available online at Customers who need additional assistance with their water service should contact Cal Water at (831) 757-3644.