Cal Water news release

Cal Water Receives Preservation Foundation Award

Award Given for Efforts to Preserve Water Tanks in Chico

George Barber with the California Preservation Foundation President's Award

George Barber with the California Preservation Foundation President’s Award

The California Preservation Foundation awarded Cal Water’s Chico District a “President’s Award” at its annual awards ceremony on Friday, Oct. 18, 2019, for Cal Water’s efforts to keep two longstanding elevated water tanks in the Chico community. The advocacy award, which was accepted by Cal Water Chico District Manager George Barber, was given alongside the Chico Heritage Association (CHA) and CHA member Michael Magliari for working collaboratively to preserve the tanks.

Cal Water had planned to remove the two elevated tanks, built in 1905 and 1913, on East Third and Orient streets, as the tanks were no longer being used and costly to maintain. However, at the urging of the community and Magliari, Cal Water conducted studies to identify unique ways to preserve and maintain the tanks.

“As a regulated water utility, we could not ask our customers to fund old, unused infrastructure. But, because of the community’s passion for these longstanding tanks, we worked with the Chico Heritage Association to find a solution,” said Barber. “Ultimately, this was a win-win and part of our commitment to enhancing the quality of life in the communities we serve.”

Presidents’ Awards are given to people or organizations whose work allows others to gain a deeper appreciation of historic resources and their value to California’s economy, environment, and quality of life, according to the foundation.