Cal Water news release

New Well and Treatment Station in East Los Angeles

New East Los Angeles well and treatment stationCal Water has completed a water infrastructure improvement project to support the East Los Angeles community’s every day and emergency water needs. The utility constructed two new groundwater wells, which supply up to 1,800 gallons per minute per well, and installed a water treatment facility to ensure the water pumped and delivered to customers meets all state and federal water quality standards.

According to Cal Water District Manager Jim Crawford, by installing the wells, the utility can take greater advantage of its water rights and utilize less purchased water which is a tremendous cost savings to the customer base.

“This project reflects our commitment to provide industry-leading water service and will reduce our dependence on more costly purchased surface water,” Crawford said. “The new well and treatment station will provide a reliable supply of safe, high-quality water to residents and businesses every day for generations to come and sufficient resources for firefighters to protect our community in emergencies.”
New East Los Angeles well and treatment station