Cal Water news release

Marysville District Supports Local Homeless Youth

NewsAs part of its commitment to improving the lives of those in its service areas, Cal Water’s Marysville District today donated a commercial-grade clothes washer and dryer, along with laundry essentials, to Marysville High School, so homeless and underserved students that attend the school will have access to clean clothes.

Steve White, who teaches civics at Marysville High School, believed students could benefit from an on-campus laundry facility after seeing an article about a high school in New Jersey that installed laundry facilities as a means to keep homeless students from being bullied and missing school. According to White, the laundry facility directly decreased bullying from other students, as the underserved students now had access to cleaner clothes. As a result of decreased bullying, the students’ attendance increased. Recognizing the positive impact seen in the New Jersey high school, White put a donation request on Facebook, which was then forwarded to Cal Water by Marysville Mayor Ricky Samayoa.

“Cal Water has a heart for helping our community anytime possible,” said Cal Water Local Manager Robert Thompson. “Having been homeless for a brief time as a child, the donation request really resonated with me. We hope that with the new laundry facility, these students can attend class with the dignity and pride that they deserve.”

“The new laundry facility will have a big impact for our most vulnerable students, and will hopefully remove any concerns they had about showing up to class. Graduating from school is the most important step for securing a brighter future, so it is crucial as a community that we do whatever we can to help these kids get to class,” said Marysville High School Principal Shevaun Mathews. “On behalf of Marysville High School, we want to thank California Water Service for its partnership and for their continued support of the Marysville community.”

According to Thompson, the donation comes from the utility’s philanthropic giving program, not from water rates.