Cal Water news release

Pump Station Upgrade in Los Trancos Area Complete

NewsCal Water has completed an infrastructure improvement project in its Bear Gulch District that will improve system reliability for Los Trancos customers, both for everyday use and during an emergency or natural disaster.

The project included replacing the generator and booster pumps and retrofitting the tank with earthquake-resistant fittings. Crews also installed shelters on the pumps to reduce noise from the facility for nearby residents, made electrical system improvements, and installed a fence around the facility.

“This important infrastructure investment will ensure safe, reliable, and efficient water delivery to Los Trancos residents for decades to come, especially during power outages and seismic events,” said District Manager Dawn Smithson. “By ensuring our system stays dependable, we can ensure our customers have the water they need any time they turn on the tap and firefighters have sufficient resources to protect our community.”