Cal Water news release

Improvements Completed in Eastern Los Altos

NewsCal Water has completed the replacement of more than 6,500 feet of aging water mains on Arboleda Drive, between Springer Road and Campbell Avenue, in Los Altos, Calif., to improve water system reliability and fire protection for the local community.

The original four-inch steel main, which was more than 60 years old, was replaced with six-inch PVC pipe to increase flow. PVC does not rust or corrode and is considered to be more cost-effective than other piping materials.

“At Cal Water, we strive to get the most life out of our infrastructure but also make improvements before problems arise to use our ratepayers’ funds most cost-effectively,” said Cal Water District Manager Ron Richardson. “Replacing the aging main now is a wise investment, as it will help us continue to deliver a reliable and high-quality water supply to our local customers and provide sufficient supplies for firefighters to protect our community in emergencies.”