Cal Water news release

Visalia District Celebrates TCP Treatment Plant Completion

In honor of Water Awareness Month, Cal Water held a ribbon-cutting ceremony to commemorate the completion of treatment plants that eliminate TCP in the drinking water delivered to its Visalia District customers. Visalia Mayor Warren Gubler, Councilmembers Phil Cox and Bob Link, Planning Commission Chairperson Brett Taylor, and Assistant City Manager Leslie Caviglia were among those in attendance at the event, held at one of the treatment plant sites.

The treatment plants were constructed after the State Water Resources Control Board established a new maximum contaminant level (MCL) for TCP of 5 parts per trillion (ppt) last year. According to District Manager Tammy Kelly, all water served to customers in the Visalia District was in compliance with the MCL before the January 2018 deadline. Treatment is being installed at additional sites this year to enable the utility to bring more water sources online as demand increases.

TCP, a manmade organic chemical used mostly as a soil fumigant until the 1980s, seeped into some groundwater supplies, including those in Cal Water’s Visalia service area. It is no longer used in soil fumigants today.

“We have never had a Safe Drinking Water Act violation, and we weren’t about to start,” said Kelly. “We have no higher duty than maintaining our water’s quality and safety, and we are 100-percent committed to doing our part to ensure the health and wellness of our community. It’s part of our promise to provide quality, service, and value to our customers.”