Cal Water news release

Cal Water Increasing System Reliability in North Salinas

NewsCal Water has completed a water main replacement project along Harding Street and Harding Circle in Salinas, Calif. This important water infrastructure improvement project will increase system reliability and fire protection in the area.

Crews installed approximately 1,830 feet of new 6- and 8-inch PVC pipe to support the growing water demand in the area. PVC pipe is generally rust- and corrosion-resistant and is considered to be more cost-effective than other alternatives. The original pipe was nearly 75 years old and was at the end of its useful life, according to District Manager Brenda Granillo.

“The new main will greatly improve the reliability of the water system in Salinas, and help meet the everyday and emergency water needs of our community, both now and for generations to come,” Granillo said.