Cal Water news release

Infrastructure Upgrade in Redwood Valley

NewsCal Water’s Redwood Valley District has completed a water infrastructure improvement project in Duncans Mills, Calif., that will increase fire protection and improve the overall reliability of the water system for local customers. The project was completed two months ahead of schedule.

The utility installed 5,800 feet of new 6-inch water main and 11 new fire hydrants along Freezeout Road. The previous main was reaching the end of its useful life. The project, which began in October 2017 and was expected to be completed in April 2018, was finished two months early due to good weather and an efficient construction timeline, according to Local Manager Darin McCosker.

“We are really pleased that this important water system improvement project was completed so efficiently, safely, and ahead of schedule,” McCosker said. “Now, our community will benefit from a more reliable water system even sooner than expected, and it will serve their everyday and emergency needs for decades to come.”