Cal Water news release

Construction of New Well Begins in Bakersfield District

Bakersfield well construction beginsCal Water’s Bakersfield District has begun construction of a new water well in the southern portion of our service area, which will provide customers with an additional two million gallons of water per day and strengthen firefighting capabilities.

“The water that the new well produces will ensure Cal Water is able to meet the increasing demand of our growing population and will establish a water supply reserve for emergencies,” Bakersfield District Manager Mike Mares said. “This project is part of Cal Water’s long-term infrastructure planning initiative and is the first well we are constructing in more than 10 years in Bakersfield.”

Although some phases of well construction do require continuous 24-hour operation, work will typically take place Monday through Friday between 6 a.m. and 5 p.m. Crews have installed 24-foot-tall sound walls around the project site to minimize noise from construction. After the well is developed, Cal Water will conduct water quality testing to ensure that water extracted meets all state and federal water quality standards. Well construction is expected to be completed in April.