Cal Water news release

Water Storage Tank Upgrade in Redondo Beach Completed

Cal Water today completed a water infrastructure improvement project in Redondo Beach that will ensure local customers continue to have a reliable supply of water for decades to come. The project included removal of the existing, aging overlay on and recoating of a 1.5-million-gallon water storage tank on Prospect Ave., which will extend the integrity and life of the tank.

One of the most critical and complex elements of the project included preserving the integrity of the steel tank after the old coating had been removed. To accomplish this safely and efficiently, Cal Water needed to utilize a dehumidification unit operating around the clock. Crews constructed a sound wall around the unit, thereby minimizing the impact on the surrounding community. Following that phase, the final coating was applied to the exterior of the tank, and water quality testing was conducted prior to putting the tank back into service. The project was completed Nov. 30.

“We worked hard to minimize any temporary inconveniences to our community, accelerating portions of the project where possible,” said District Manager Dan Armendariz. “Cal Water is committed to upgrading the water system infrastructure to ensure we can continue to deliver safe, reliable drinking water, and we appreciate the understanding of our neighbors while we worked to make improvements that will benefit the community for decades to come.”