Cal Water news release

Cal Water Completes King City Main Replacement Projects

Cal Water has completed two main replacement projects in the utility’s King City District, which will increase system reliability and fire protection. The improvements were made on North Russ Street between Lynn Street and Collins Street, and on Lynn Street between North 2nd Street and North 1st Street. The upgrades are a key part of Cal Water’s infrastructure improvement plan for the area.

For the North Russ Street project, approximately 830 feet of new main was installed, along with 21 new water services. For the Lynn Street project, 440 feet of new main was installed, in addition to seven new services. PVC pipes were used for the upgrade as the material typically does not rust or corrode and is more cost-effective than other alternatives.

“Both of these projects, completed in tandem, offer important advances in water service reliability and will help ensure the community has the water it needs for the generations to come.” said Local Manager Marc Bloom. “Additionally, the upgrades will improve fire protection in the surrounding area.”