Cal Water news release

"Imagine a Day Without Water"

"Imagine a Day Without Water" tourCal Water’s Kern River Valley District welcomed residents and other special guests to a treatment plant tour in Kernville, Calif., on October 12, 2017, to commemorate the Value of Water Coalition’s “Imagine a Day Without Water.” Assemblymember Devon Mathis (CA-26) and a representative of Supervisor Mick Gleason were also in attendance.

Attendees learned the ins and outs of how hollow-fiber-microfiltration treats surface water from Lake Isabella of turbidity and contaminants. Cal Water’s Kernville treatment plant can process up to 1 million gallons per day. Attendees also learned about the water system infrastructure that ensures the local water supply is safe and reliable, including tanks, wells, mains, and pumps.

“People often assume that water is good enough to drink in its natural state, but there is a lot of care that goes into making drinking water safe,” said Local Manager Chris Whitley. “We are glad that our customers and guests took the time to come learn more about how their water system operates and how Cal Water works around the clock to provide our customers with a high-quality, reliable water supply.”