Cal Water news release

Project Improves Service Reliability in Redwood City

Cal Water has completed an infrastructure improvement project in the West Selby Lane area of Redwood City that improves overall reliability of the water system for customers. The project, which included the replacement of 2,500 feet of water mains, augments water flow, enhances fire protection, and minimizes future leaks.

Crews replaced the older 6-inch, cast-iron main with 8-inch PVC pipeline, which generally does not rust or corrode and is considered more cost-effective than other alternatives. Cal Water also replaced customer service lines and meter boxes, and installed six new fire hydrants.

This water system improvement project is part of a larger, proactive plan to replace aging and less reliable water mains in the Bear Gulch District, according to District Manager Dawn Smithson.

“We have been planning this project for some time now, so our crew is pleased to see it through to completion,” Smithson said. “This is part of our commitment to delivering a reliable supply of high-quality water to our customers and communities for decades to come.”