Cal Water news release

Water Main Upgrade In Bayshore District Complete

Cal Water’s Bayshore District has replaced 3,550 feet of aging water main in San Mateo. The newly installed main will increase the flow of water, reduce leaks, enhance fire protection, and improve the overall reliability of the system for customers living on Sunset Terrace and portions of 31st Avenue, Monterey Street, and 28th Avenue.

The older 6-inch, cast-iron main was replaced with six and eight-inch PVC pipe, which generally does not rust or corrode and is more cost-effective than other alternatives. Crews also installed pressure-reducing valves with new customer service lines that lead from the main to their homes.

“We thank our customers and motorists for their patience as we completed this important water system improvement project,” said District Manager Ross Moilan. “This project is part of our commitment to provide our customers and communities with quality, service, and value, and this main replacement will help ensure we can continue to provide a reliable supply of high-quality water for decades to come.”